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234 Tips and Tricks for Recruiting Users as Participants in Usability Studies

A well-managed recruiting program at an organization allows teams to quickly find quality participants for usability studies. This free 190-page report from the Norman Nielsen group gives you 234 guidelines on how to set up and manage a recruiting program. It also presents advice on when to outsource to a recruiting agency and when to […]

No More No Shows — How to Make Sure Your Research Participants Actually Show Up

What’s the real value behind unmoderated remote user testing?

The mission of this article is to explain unmoderated remote user testing (URUT) in a way that will hopefully help people better understand it. Obviously, we write from our own experience using UserZoom’s software technology and methodology, which includes about 7 years specializing in remote usability testing, a large number of remote testing projects, about […]

Cross-user analysis: Benefits of skill level comparison in usability testing

This study presents a cross-user usability test approach and analysis technique that extends beyond merely identifying the existence of a usability problem to introducing an empirical basis for identifying the type of usability problem that exists. For experimental purposes, 60 users were tested with three levels of user-competency determined by experience in using: (1) computers, […]

Bias in Usability Testing

What does “bias” mean in usability testing? Is it bad? good? In between? What are sources of bias in usability testing? Which one(s) should we worry about most? How do we know our methods are any good? Especially when we all do things differently Bias in Usability Testing (226 kb)

Comparative Study of Synchronous Remote and Traditional In-Lab Usability Evaluation Methods

Abstract Traditional in lab usability evaluation has been used as the ‘standard’ evaluation method for evaluating and improving usability of software user interfaces (Andre, Williges, & Hartson, 2000). However, traditional in lab evaluation has its drawbacks such as availability of representative end users, high cost of testing and lack of true representation of a user’s […]

An Empirical Comparison of Lab and Remote Usability Testing of Web Sites

Abstract This paper presents the results of two studies comparing traditional lab-based usability testing and remote web-based usability testing of Web sites. Two sites were tested: an employee benefits site and a financial information site. The remote tests used an automated technique whereby the users participated from their normal work locations using their normal browser, […]

Influence of Cultural Background on Non-verbal Communication in a Usability Testing Situation

Designers are continuously engaged in elicitation of user data, prior to new product conceptualisation, as well as during the testing of prototypes. When such user data collection happens across different cultures, data is often collected and analysed ignoring the rich qualitative cues embedded in non-verbal communications such as gestures. In cross-cultural situations, gestures can yield […]

Better Reports: How to Communicate Usability Testing Results

You’ve spent several days setting up a usability test, recruiting the participants and running it. Then you’ve poured over the data. What next? If you are writing up your dissertation then skip this paper. You’ll need to follow the rules of your university and every detail is likely to be important. But if you are […]

Experimenting with UniFace: A Tool for Remote Usability Testing of Icons

Katre D. S. (2004). Experimenting with UniFace: A Tool for Remote Usability Testing of Icons, ACM-SIGCHI-SI National Usability Conference Easy 2004, Bangalore, India. Experimenting with UniFace: A Tool for Remote Usability Testing of Icons (PDF)