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10 Steps To Mapping The Customer Journey

A customer journey map is a natural extension of the sales and marketing funnel  but has an impact beyond the marketing or sales teams.  It’s a document meant to unify fragmented efforts and, most importantly, identify points of friction and opportunities for improvement.  Finding and fixing the pain points in a customer’s journey isn’t just about damage control, it’s about the innovation that comes from fixing the pain.

While you can map just about any sequence of events, a journey map is ideal for any process that has a lot of steps or opportunities for friction, failure and improvement. For example, you can map the journeys of:

Here are 10 steps to take to building a journey map :

  1. Find the data
  2. Pick a persona
  3. Determine the stages
  4. Define the steps
  5. Identify the touchpoints
  6. Find the pain points
  7. Define the metrics for each stage
  8. Improve and innovate
  9. Assign accountability
  10. Periodically validate

10 Steps To Mapping The Customer Journey