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Repeat-x repeat-y – a seamless pattern resource

Repeat-x repeat-y is a collection of seamless patterns from a plethora of designers, illustrators and artists that you can use for background images in web design.

Repeat-x repeat-y

The Ultimate List of Style Guides and UI Guidelines

If you are a graphic designer or an interaction designer and have ever been tasked with creating a style guide or UI guidelines document (both are different and I’ve had the pleasure to work on both of them creating templates and the actual documents for brands and products), this list should help you out as a consolidated list of references.

This list is going to be constantly updated (and will ultimately be a monster list, it’s quite modest for now) of publicly accessible style guides and UI guideline documents on the web. If you find any links not working or would like to suggest one that is not on the list, feel free to comment and let me know.

  1. 3M logo standards (website, partial public access)
    3m logo standards
  2. ABB Brand Identity (website, partial public access)
  3. ACDSee Brand Style Guide (PDF download)
  4. Airbnb style guides
  5. Air Products Identity Standards (website, partial public access)
    air products logo guidelines
  6. Ameritech Graphical User Interface Standards and Design Guidelines (PDF, 1370 kb)
    ameritech ui guidelines
  7. AMAIA Residence Brand Manual (PDF, 816 kb)
    AIMA residence brand manual
  8. Android User Interface Guidelines (website)
    Android User Interface Guidelines
  9. Apple OSX Human Interface Guidelines (website)
    Apple OSX human interface guidelines
  10. Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines (website)
    Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines
  11. Barbican Visual Identity (website with PDF download)
    Barbican visual identity
  12. BBC Future Media Standards & Guidelines (website)
    bbc future media standards and guidelines
  13. BBC Global Experience Language (GEL) (website)
    BBC gel
  14. Belfast Zoo Brand guidelines
  15. Blackberry and RIM wireless handheld UI Developers Guide (PDF, 1.3 mb)
  16. BlackBerry Branding Guidelines (PDF, 300 kb)
  17. Brick brand guidelines
  18. Cargill Identity Style Guide
    Cargil brand identity guidelines
  19. Cambridge University Brand Guidelines
    cambridge brand guidelines
  20. Cunard Brand Guidelines
  21. ELMER 2– User Interface Guidelines for Government Web Forms (PDF, 1.2 mb)
  22. Easy Group Brand Manual (PDF, 2 mb)
  23. Eclipse User Interface Guidelines
  24. Federal Identity Program (Canada)
  25. Google material design
  26. GOOD Technology Brand Identity Guide
  27. Gnome Human Interface Guidelines
  28. Heineken Visual Guidelines
  29. Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines
    java look and feel guidelines
  30. KDE User Interface Guidelines
  31. Kew’s Brand Guidelines (PDF, 5 mb)
  32. Microsoft Inductive User Interface Guidelines
  33. Microsoft Surface User Experience Guidelines
  34. MITRE- Guidelines for designing user interface software
  35. NASA style guide
  36. Novozymes’ brand guide (private access)
  37. The New School Visual Identity Manual (PDF, 6.5 mb)
  38. The New School Web Style Guide
  39. Oracle Alta Mobile UI Guidelines 
  40. Oracle Alta UI Guidelines
  41. Oracle Fusion Help User Interface Guidelines
  42. Oracle Applications User Interface Standards for Forms (PDF)
  43. Oracle Browser Look and Feel (BLAF) Guidelines
  44. Oracle Fusion Applications User Experience Patterns and Guidelines
  45. Oracle Rich Client User Interface (RCUI) Guidelines
  46. Palm OS User Interface Guidelines
  47. RSA Brand Guide
  48. Salesforce lightning design system
  49. SAP Design Guidelines and Resources
    SAP design guidelines and resources
  50. Silicon Graphics Indigo Magic User Interface Guidelines
  51. Skype Brand Identity Guidelines
  52. Spelman College Visual Identity Guidelines (PDF, 1.3 mb)
  53. Reuters Brand Center
  54. Taligent Human Interface Guidelines
    Talegent human interface guidelines
  55. Uber design guidelines
  56. University of Northern Colorado Identity Style Guide (PDF, 2.3 mb)
  57. WebEx brand style guide
  58. Windows User Experience
  59. Windows User Experience Guidelines
  60. Windows User Experience Interaction Guidelines
  61. Windows XP Visual Guidelines (There’s a download section to the right to download WindowsXP DesignGuidelines)
  62. Yale Web Style Guide
    Yale web style guide
  63. Yale’s Visual Identity
    Yale visual identity

DezineConnect- an Indian design portfolio gallery

DezineConnect celebrates design from India. DezineConnect aims to showcase Indian designers, design buyers, and design support people.

Dezine Connect

The Book Cover Archive

The Book Cover Archive is an archive of book cover design and designers for the purpose of appreciation and categorization.

The Book Cover Archive

30 self-promotion tips by designers for designers

The difference between a good designer and a successful designer is self promotion. Churning out innovative, high-quality work is important, but making sure the right people take notice of it and remember who it’s by is even more crucial.

Self-promotion doesn’t mean selling out, though. Clever mailers, a well-stocked blog, quirky gifts and memorable business cards all help shape Brand You. The article brings advice from the top on how you can take some simple steps to ensure your name is the first that springs to mind when art directors and commissioning editors reach for their contacts books.

30 self-promotion tips

Brand New- opinions on corporate and brand identity

Brand New is a website that’s sole purpose is to chronicle and provide opinions on corporate and brand identity work, focusing mostly on identity design and a modest amount of packaging. We cover redesigns and new designs. Nothing more, nothing less, what you see is what you get.

Brand New

Android GUI PSD Vector Kit

Update (Feb 11, 2010): New Android GUI PSD v. 2.0

Photoshop file with elements of Android GUI. You can use Android GUI PSD for all of your projects. It was made to help open-source community with Android applications mock-ups.

  • More resizable phone illustration
  • More basic screens

Android GUI PSD Vector Kit V 2.0

Android GUI Starter Kit is a set that comes with several button elements as well as different interface options for Android GUI. Android GUI PSD is based on elements of Android 1.5 GUI and was made to help the open-source community with Android applications mock-ups. Most of the elements and phone illustration are made in vector path so they are easily resizable. For text, Android Sans was used.

Android GUI PSD Vector Kit V1.0

Typography and the Aging Eye: Typeface Legibility for Older Viewers with Vision Problems

Population is rapidly aging and becoming a larger share of the marketplace. Thirteen percent of the population is currently over 65 years old. In 30 years that group will double to 66 million people.

People change as they age. Sensory, cognitive and motor abilities decline. The built environment is not typically created with the needs of the aging population in mind. How does the choice of typeface in signage systems, for example, impact the older viewer who is experiencing vision problems typical to that age group? Are certain typefaces more suitable to the aging eye?

Typography and the Aging Eye: Typeface Legibility for Older Viewers with Vision Problems

Beware of Style in Icon Design

The icons or baby faces used as part of user interface have now turned into a major aspect of product branding. With powerful computers, enhanced graphics capabilities, advanced tools for illustration, and professionals to advocate rich user experience, icon design has become more important and complex than ever before! Windows Vista has raised the standard of quality icons even higher. An interface design project forced the author to think about ’style’ in icon design.

What are the possible ways to overcome problems related to style of icons?

  1. Create sample icons which are representative of the complexity and overall range of icons required for the project. These icons should be best rendered and acceptable in terms of desired quality and style.
  2. Define style guidelines (all attributes shown above as applicable) based on sample icon designs.
  3. Sensitize the entire design team to understand the style sensitive attributes of icon design. Help them notice and feel each attribute of the style.
  4. Select the designers whose style of designing/rendering is naturally similar.
  5. Lead designer(s) to sketch and compose all icons before they get rendered.
  6. Lead designer to monitor and guide the rendering (This is similar to the model of key animators and in-between artists followed in animation field).
  7. Review the stylistic aspects as per the guidelines.
  8. Ask users / designers / developers to identify the misfit icons in terms of style.
    Proper definition of style attributes can be helpful in evaluating the consistency of style.
  9. Refine

Beware of Style in Icon Design