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Front end development

jQuery UI Development & Planning Wiki

A public wiki to plan, design, document, and discuss jQuery UI plugins and theming support.

jQuery UI Development & Planning Wiki.

Baseline Rhythm Calculator

Baseline Rhythm Calculator

UI/ RIA/ AJAX frameworks/ libraries

Essential Controls: 30 controls for RIA design and development and a list of UI/ RIA/ AJAX frameworks/ libraries that offer them

960 Grid System

The 960 Grid System is an effort to streamline web development workflow by providing commonly used dimensions, based on a width of 960 pixels. There are two variants: 12 and 16 columns, which can be used separately or in tandem

Browsr Camp

Browser Camp allows you to test your website appearance and interaction remotely on all the major browsers on a Mac.

Give it a go for free. You can get a free screenshot of your website on Safari at a resolution you specify.

Of course, this falls in line with what made selling remote testing on the web popular, ( You can test on browser/ OS combinations here. It still has the 24 hour free trial till date. A year’s license is currently available for $99.