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An Optimized The UX Bookmark Experience across Desktop, Mobile & Tablet

The UX Bookmark has always looked great on the desktop. And now, it’s going to look equally great on the mobile and tablet.

For getting this done, I had to learn how to create responsive sites and did it, just as I enthusiastically took the task of making WordPress act as a custom CMS for The UX Bookmark many years ago. Know that I am not a developer so I am pretty happy with all of it.

With that said, go ahead and enjoy accessing The UX Bookmark from any device. Feedback is welcome.

The next step is for me to optimize The UX Bookmark for wide screens. By the way, I notice that the site is responsive when I view it in an actual mobile phone or tablet but it doesnot respond to changing browser size on the desktop. Anybody know why? I appreciate the help.

Thank you everybody for all the mentions on the UX Bookmark

I had noticed in the past week that the Printed books on User Experience free to read online post was getting quite a few views. But today after I came back after a trip out of town, I noticed the post was doing rather well today with more than 80 bookmarks on Delicious and 25 tweets on Twitter.

There were above a 1000 visits and around 50 people on the site at a time in average. This may not be much compared to many heavy weight websites, but it is the heaviest traffic since the UX Bookmark began in February this year.

It was also nice to see this post mentioned in Konigi and appear in tweets by @delicious50 and @DeliciousHot. But its not just them, I’d like to thank each and everyone of you for all the mentions on the UX Bookmark. Its most appreciated.

Posted on August 05, 2009