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The UX Bookmark is curated by me, Abhay Rautela. I live in Singapore and work as a Usability Analyst at the non-profit educational foundation- The International Baccalaureate and am responsible for the usability of both enterprise and customer facing applications. I am driven in my commitment to disseminating useful knowledge that enables UX practitioners all over the world to provide services of greater value, thereby improving the human condition. My passion lies in the creation, identification, separation and amplification of quality content. I write at Cone Trees- User Research & Design and besides The UX Bookmark, also curate UX Quotes and Nice one yeah!. Connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on twitter to stay updated on what you should be on User Experience.


What People Say About The UX Bookmark and it's Curated Content

"UX books, videos. Awesome resources with in-depth info. Well maintained."
— Interdisciplinary Computing Blog in "UX (and related) Education Listings

"Thanks for this very concrete description of the methodology. And also for the citation. UX Bookmark always does a great job of providing useful and documented content."
Kim Forthofer

"The ratio of awesomeness to time is too many. // RT @KISSmetrics: A huge list of Style Guides and #UI Guidelines"
Bryan Jones

"The UX Bookmark - UX books, videos. Awesome resources with in-depth info. Well maintained."
Interdisciplinary Computing Blog

"Super duper resource: RT @conetrees The UX Bookmark » A monster list of UI Guidelines/ Style Guides" via @smashingmag"
Donna Vitan

"Great site with lots of UX resources!"

"Everything I'm looking for at my fingertips"
— From survey feedback

"The ultimate repository - UX BOOkmark "

"Over 50 Style, UX & UI guideline links and resources #actuallyusefullink #thatsafirst"

"Extensive and useful list. RT @smashingmag The UX Bookmark: list of style guides and UI Guidelines (via @KISSmetrics)"
Christina Mercando

"While every business is different, I would check out the UX Bookmark for a wonderful collection of specific company UX guidelines."

— Kathleen Keating and Marli Mesibov in UX Design vs. Web Design

"To highlight the most relevant points, a style guide is simply a formalized compilation of the look and feel for your site, so that designers and developers have a quick reference guide. For some professional examples, The UX Bookmark lists some useful online samples including Apple, Android, and even Heineken."

— Jerry Cao of UXPin in How to use mockups in the UX design process