Happy New Year and The 5 Most Popular Posts of 2016

I would like to wish all readers of The UX Bookmark a very happy new year and hope this year is filled with joy and success for you all.

I started The UX Bookmark in 2009, and over the years, it has amassed quite a following, with roughly one out of every four people I meet working in UX now knowing about it. I built it to help UX practitioners grow themselves worldwide by offering the best authoritative content there is on the web, and it’s been working, definitely a good feeling.

What’s been the most popular last year? Here are five most popular posts of 2016.


A huge list of Style Guides and UI Guidelines

Ultimate guide to table UI patterns

Charting application alternatives to using Excel

Download IDEO’s Human Centered Design Toolkit

What is the Deep-Dive Brainstorming technique?

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Once again, have a lovely new year, make it count, and always stay in awe.