A huge list of Style Guides and UI Guidelines

If you are a graphic designer or an interaction designer and have ever been tasked with creating a style guide or UI guidelines document (both are different and I've had the pleasure to work on both of them creating templates and the actual documents for brands and products), this list should help you out as a consolidated list of references. This list is going to be constantly updated (and will ultimately be a monster list, it's quite modest for now) of publicly accessible style guides and UI guideline documents on the web. If you find any links not working or would like to suggest one that is not on the list, feel free to comment and let me know.

  1. 3M
  2. ABB Brand Identity
  3. ACDSee Brand Style Guide
  4. Air Products Identity Standards
  5. Ameritech Graphical User Interface Standards and Design Guidelines (This one is from the Internet Archive)
  6. AMAIA Residence Brand Manual (PDF, 816 kb)
  7. Android User Interface Guidelines
  8. Apple Human Interface Guidelines
  9. Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines
  10. Barbican Brand Guidelines for Print / Web / and Plasmas
  11. BBC Future Media Standards & Guidelines
  12. BBC Global Experience Language (GEL)
  13. Belfast Zoo Brand guidelines
  14. Blackberry and RIM wireless handheld UI Developers Guide (PDF, 1.3 mb)
  15. BlackBerry Branding Guidelines (PDF, 300 kb)
  16. Brick brand guidelines
  17. Cargill Identity Style Guide
  18. Cambridge University Brand Manual
  19. Cunard Brand Guidelines
  20. ELMER 2– User Interface Guidelines for Government Web Forms (PDF, 1.2 mb)
  21. Easy Group Brand Manual (PDF, 2 mb)
  22. Eclipse User Interface Guidelines
  23. Federal Identity Program (Canada)
  24. GOOD Technology Brand Identity Guide
  25. Gnome Human Interface Guidelines
  26. Heineken Brand Manual
  27. iPhone Human Interface Guidelines
  28. Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines
  29. KDE User Interface Guidelines
  30. Kew's Brand Guidelines (PDF, 5 mb)
  31. Microsoft Inductive User Interface Guidelines
  32. Microsoft Surface User Experience Guidelines
  33. MITRE- Guidelines for designing user interface software
  34. NASA's webstyle guide
  35. Novozymes' brand guide
  36. The New School Visual Identity Manual (PDF, 6.5 mb)
  37. The New School Web Style Guide
  38. Nokia Design and User Experience Library
  39. Oracle Technology Network Guidelines
  40. Palm User Interface & Human Interface Guidelines
  41. RSA brand standards
  42. SAP Interaction Design Guide for Internet Application Components
  43. SAP Design Guild
  44. SAP User Interface guidelines
  45. Silicon Graphics Indigo Magic User Interface Guidelines
  46. Skype Brand Identity Guidelines
  47. Spelman College Visual Identity Guidelines (PDF, 1.3 mb)
  48. Reuters Brand Center
  49. Taligent Human Interface Guidelines
  50. University of Northern Colorado Identity Style Guide (PDF, 2.3 mb)
  51. WebEx brand style guide
  52. Web Style Guide 2nd edition
  53. Windows User Experience
  54. Windows User Experience Guidelines
  55. Windows User Experience Interaction Guidelines
  56. Windows XP Visual Guidelines (There's a download section to the right to download WindowsXP DesignGuidelines)
  57. Yale Web Style Guide
  58. Yale's Visual Identity