Guide to Remote Usability Testing

As more usability practitioners start conducting remote usability testing, there seems to be a demand for some tips and guidelines around this technique. New screen-sharing tools like Breeze, Co-Pilot, and GoToMeeting, and remote usability tools like Ethnio and UserVue, make it easier to conduct moderated remote usability testing. Dealing with video and audio recordings keeps getting simpler as well. But observing people remotely presents a unique set of obstacles, so this is a guide to what we’ve learned from conducting 149 remote studies with 1,213 participants over the last seven years. We can’t get that time back, but hopefully some of what we’ve picked up will be helpful.

Guide to Remote Usability Testing

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  1. adrienne said on August 25, 2009 at 5:56 pm |

    I wanted to know which is better, UserVue or Gotomeeting?