How to build a web analytics measurement framework

The concept of ‘drowning in data’ cannot be understated when it comes to web analytics. Apart from the sheer quantity of information available, the situation is worsened because the tools we use are so terribly fast and effective; it has never been easier to slice, dice and peel your way through such huge mountains of click-stream data. But just because it’s there and easy to access certainly doesn’t mean it’s easy to make sense of. Most companies that fail in this arena do so because they simply don’t know what to look at, but rather flail around in the data following endless and infinite pathways that, whilst ‘interesting’, ultimately lead nowhere fast.

The article describes a ‘Measurement and Optimisation Framework’, which might sound complicated but is, in fact, simply a strategy for: what you should be measuring; how to do it; and what you should do with the information once you get it.

Web analytics measurement framework

How to build a digital measurement framework