Useful Visio Macros

Visio Macros to increase productivity

Use these Visio macros given below to increase productivity:

  • Duplicating a page
  • Fixing the print settings of all pages
  • Setting the zoom factor of all pages to ‘fit to page’
  • Paste as Unformatted Txt
  • Copy Page to other document

How do I add these macros to Visio?

Adding these macros is simple enough. Follow the steps below. In case you still can not add them successfully, drop a comment for help.

  1. Download the macros
  2. Unzip the macros
  3. In Visio, go to Tools> Macro> Visual Basic Editor
  4. In the Visual Basic Editor, right-click on ‘ThisDocument’
  5. From the context menu that appears, select ‘Import File’
  6. Navigate to the folder the unzipped macros reside in and import all files available
  7. You are done. Enjoy the macros.

Visio Macros