A list of User Experience Pod Casts

Podcasts on User Experience

  1. UX DesignCast with Karel Vredenburg, Program Director for Design Leadership at IBM
  2. HFI podcasts
  3. Userability podcast– with Jared Spool and Brian Christiansen
  4. IATV Radio-with Jan Jursa, creator of the oldest and very popular UX video blog, IATV
  5. User Experience Podcasts at IT Conversations
    1. Chiara Fox, Senior Information Architect, Adaptive Path on ‘Understanding you content’
    2. Dave Gray and Dana Smith of XPlane on Visual Thinking
    3. Dan Saffer, author of the book ‘Designing for Interaction’ on ‘What is Interaction Design?’
    4. Irene Au, Director of User Experience, Google on Elevating User Experience
    5. Kathan Brown, author of the book ‘Thinking Creatively’ & Janice Fraser, CEO, Adaptive Path on Thinking Creatively
    6. Peter Merholz, President, Adaptive Path on Good Design
    7. Tim Brown, CEO, Idea on Innovation through Design Thinking
    8. Tod Wilkens, Adaptive Path on The Transformative Power of Research
    9. Steve Portigal, Portigal Consulting on Cross Cultural Research
    10. Members of Adaptive Path on Failure: Learning From Your Mistakes (and Ours)
  6. Design Critique
  7. IA Television– a collection of videos on the web about Information Architecture and other areas of User Experience
  8. Tea with Teresa
  9. The UX Podcast
  10. CHI Conversations– covers Computer/Human Interaction, including design, human factors, cognitive psychology, social science, and more

Podcasts on Typography

  1. Type Radio

Podcasts on Creative Design

  1. Adobe TV
  2. Adobe Creative Suite Video Podcast with Terry White
  3. Layers TV
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  1. Rob Edwards said on August 29, 2009 at 6:11 pm |

    Great list – I love a podcast.