User Experience as Corporate Imperative

Okay, so you’re not IBM—but dollars are dollars, no matter the size or reach of an organization. Whether you’re undertaking a major overhaul or interested in a few targeted changes that will reap significant returns, improving user experience is always a good investment.

If your Web site is an e-commerce destination, are you making it easy for your users to find and purchase your products? If your site is a products and services site, your users are evaluating what you have to offer and whether or not it’s useful for them. Can you afford to have them leave in frustration? If your site is a corporate one, your users seek information about you; are they able to find it? If your Web-based product or application isn’t usable, can you afford the increased cost of maintenance, user support, and customer support?

User Experience as Corporate Imperative (PDF, 150 kb)